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How Did an International Agenda Shape the American Women's Rights Movement, 1840-1869?
How Did Antislavery Women Use Portraits to Represent Themselves in the Transatlantic Antislavery Movement?
How Did Belle La Follette Oppose Racial Segregation in Washington, D.C., 1913-1914?
How Did Black and White Southern Women Campaign to End Lynching, 1890-1942?
How Did Black Women in the NAACP Promote the Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill, 1918-1923?
How Did Black Women Struggle to Bring White Suffragists to Their Citizenship Cause in 1921?
How Did Carrie Chapman Catt and Aletta Jacobs Interpret and Cope with Deep Differences among Women during Their 1911-12 Journey through Africa and Asia?
How Did Catholic Women Participate in the Rebirth of American Feminism?
How Did Changes in the Built Environment at Hull-House Reflect the Settlement's Interaction with Its Neighbors, 1889-1912?
How Did Chinese Women Garment Workers in New York City Forge a Successful Class-Based Coalition during the 1982 Contract Dispute?
How Did Clara Foltz's Experiences as a Woman Lawyer and Suffragist Influence Her Conception of a Public Defender for Those Accused of Crime, 1878-1913?
How Did Cross-Class Alliances Shape the 1910 Chicago Garment Workers' Strike?
How Did Diverse Activists in the Second Wave of the Women's Movement Shape Emerging Public Policy on Sexual Harassment?
How Did Diverse Activists Shape the Dress Reform Movement, 1838-1881?
How Did Eight Translations of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s WOMEN AND ECONOMICS Transmit Feminist Thought across National Boundaries in the Years before World War I?
How Did Eleanor Roosevelt’s Alliance with Women in the Labor Movement Benefit Working Women and Contribute to Her Emergence as a Significant Voice for Democracy and Human Rights, 1902-1962?
How Did Elisabeth Freeman's Publicity Skills Promote Woman Suffrage, Antilynching, and the Peace Movement, 1909-1919?, Part 1
How Did Elisabeth Freeman's Publicity Skills Promote Woman Suffrage, Antilynching, and the Peace Movement, 1909-1919?, Part 2
How Did Female Protestant Missionaries Respond to the Japanese American Incarceration Experience during World War II?
How did Feminism Contribute to the Transformation of Radical Theater in the United States, 1966-1983?
How Did Florence Kelley's Campaign against Sweatshops in Chicago in the 1890s Expand Government Responsibility for Industrial Working Conditions?
How Did Florence Kitchelt Bring Together Social Feminists and Equal Rights Feminists to Reconfigure the Campaign for the ERA in the 1940s and 50s?
How Did Gender and Class Shape the Age of Consent Campaign Within the Social Purity Movement, 1886-1914?
How Did Gender and Family Divisions Among Shoeworkers Shape the 1860 New England Strike?
How Did Ideologies of Gender and Professionalism Intersect in the History of Nursing in Oregon?